More than just a survival kit for dads!

Surviving isn't much fun: it's basically just keeping your head above the water, trying to get through the day. We want Dads and their babies to thrive - not just survive!  We're here not just to help you get through fatherhood, but to enjoy it to the fullest. We know how important it is for Dads and their babies to spend time together, so we will always include at least one product (and usually two!) to foster the bond between Dad and baby. There will also be one product just for Dad and one product just for baby because sometimes you just need something for yourself only.  Starting in December 2017, we also have been including activity cards for the products, which we hope will make Dad even radder!

Our Value lies in fostering a strong father-child relationship

The emphasis of the Rad Dad Box is on bonding and connection between father and child, and on helping you discover new products that will enhance the father-child bond. We promise a carefully curated collection of quality products that will help Dad and baby create lots of great memories. The value of our box lies in the connection it brings to Dad and baby. It's very hard to place a monetary value on that!  

How It Works

We offer month-to-month, 3-month, and 6-month subscription plans, as well as a variety of one-time boxes in our online store.

Your box ships between the 18th and 22nd of the month via USPS. We accept orders up until shipping day. If we have any overstock from the previous month, we will offer you a choice between the previous and current month's boxes. Ask us about customizing your box.  

Questions? Check out our FAQs.

Here's what happens

1. Choose a plan

We offer one-time gift boxes, month-to-month, and discounted subscription plans. You can also gift a box or subscription! Our boxes make great baby shower gifts. 

2. We curate your box

 Each Deluxe box contains 5-7 items for dad and baby. Our regular box contains 3-4 items per box. We try our best to source artisanal products from small businesses like ourselves.  

3. Enjoy your Rad Dad Box!

You'll receive a package of hand-selected items, all geared towards supporting you in your fatherhood journey and helping you become an even radder dad!