Corporate Gifting

Our Newborn Starter Kits for dads and our new dad subscription boxes make The Rad Dad Box a great choice for your employees who are expecting or have just become fathers. Many people struggle in trying to find gifts for expecting fathers. With the Rad Dad Box, your employee will receive a gift box with items tailored specifically to him in his new role as a dad. We can offer bulk discounts if your organization is interested in purchasing Rad Dad Box gift boxes and subscriptions on a corporate level. Please reach out to us to discuss how we can help you: or by phone at 919-480-7767.  

About The Rad Dad Box

The Rad Dad Box helps dads feel more included in the pregnancy and parenting conversation. Our monthly subscription boxes include 3-4 carefully selected products that welcome him to fatherhood and help him bond with the baby. Products in our boxes range from self-care items like artisanal soap and hand sanitizer, to Dad-themed children’s books and onesies, and handmade toys for baby.  

We offer:

    - Attentive and responsive customer service

    - The ability to customize your boxes

    - Handwritten gift notes

    - Carefully curated products for Dad and baby

See what our customers have to say below! (reviews under the photo)

Customer Reviews

" I gave the Rad Dad Box to my husband for his first Father's Day and he LOVED getting little surprises to share with our son each month. It was nice to see them have something just for them... which was a gift to this new mama! Definitely recommend :) " - Bronwyn P.

" I worked with Michelle to craft a custom box for my husband's second Father's Day. It was ideal to have the freedom to choose items that would appeal to him and allow him to interact with our daughter! The finger puppets we chose travel with us everywhere :) I sincerely appreciated the quality time Michelle spent working with me on our box and would recommend this for any other Rad Dad! " - Elizabeth G.

" I have been looking for the perfect subscription gift for my husband since the birth of our little girl this year and I am so glad I found the Rad Dad Box! My husband was completely surprised as new dads like to be appreciated too! Based on our pleasant experience with the owners and the quality of their products, it was an easy decision to commit to a monthly subscription service with them. If you know a new dad or a dad-to-be, this is the ideal gift (monthly subscription or one-time)! It is truly a "rad" gift and trust me -- they will LOVE it!" - Alethea D.