Our Story

From Michelle Lin, founder of The Rad Dad Box: 

I came up with the idea for the Rad Dad Box when I was pregnant with my first child. We’d been receiving many gifts for our baby from the registry, but almost none of them were geared towards my husband’s role as a soon-to-be dad. He was just as excited as I was about our baby, so I wanted to give him something to acknowledge his role and make him proud to be an expecting father. 

While I did find a few things, it was very clear to me that fathers are unfairly pushed to the sidelines when it comes to the pregnancy/labor/childhood journey – not to mention that gay fathers are completely left out. Think about it: “parenting” magazines showcase photos of mothers and their babies, with very few photos of fathers. Pregnancy and childcare books cater mostly to mothers. And while many subscription boxes and care packages exist for mothers and children, there are very few for fathers.  

The Rad Dad Box intends to fill this need with our starter kits for new dads. In today’s society, more and more dads are pitching in with housework and childcare, and some dads are even staying home to raise their children full-time. It’s time Dad received support and recognition for all his love, care, and hard work!     

Questions? Comments? Please get in touch at info@raddadbox.com!


Meet our team


The Mom. Founder, Designer, Photographer, Marketer, Buyer


The Dad. Web Developer, Photographer, Product and Design Consultant

Baby B

The Baby. Product Tester and Model

Our Values 

We stand with black lives matter


Black lives matter, too. As non-black people of color, we are outraged by police brutality and systemic racism perpetrated against African Americans. We feel that it is our civic duty as people and as business owners to do our part in fighting against racism. These are the actions we plan to take:

1) We are participating in #StopHateForProfit, an initiative demanding that Facebook address racism across its social platforms. Participating advertisers will be pulling their ads from Facebook for the month of July 2020, but we will be withholding our Facebook ads until we feel that these concerns have been sufficiently addressed and suitable actions have been taken. We typically spend $500-$700 a year on Facebook advertising, but given that small businesses make up more than 50% of Facebook’s ad revenue, think of how impactful this could be if micro-businesses and other small businesses like us participated.

2) Starting from August 2020, we will be including either a book featuring a diverse family, or a product from a black-owned business in our boxes. 

3) We will create ongoing dialogue with our families to see how we can be more inclusive of diversity in our boxes.