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The Animal Kingdom

This month, we’re headed to the animal kingdom again and learning about how animal daddies love their babies! The toys and dad products we’ve picked this month also reflect the diversity of the animal kingdom! (We hope they match some of the animals in the book – in full disclosure, we ordered a different animal book and bought products based off of that, and it was only after that when we were told that the book was out of print!) We hope you enjoy this month’s box!

What does Daddy do?

Dad, you do a lot. You cook, clean, build, take care of baby, so this month, we've chosen products inspired by all the things daddies do as described in your book! There's music for baby in the form of maracas, pancake mix (or a pizza making kit), and measuring tape, as well as a few extras for big box customers! Thanks for all you do!

Building with Daddy

Nelly Gnu and her daddy are building a cardboard house, and you can join in on the fun! For dads of babies, we've included a handprint/footprint kit (since we figure babies can't paint yet). Dads of toddlers will receive building blocks. Also included are power curls from Lesser Evil (since building does require strength!) and lip balm from Gentlemen Groomers (we admit, it doesn't have much to do with building, but it was the only item we could find in our budget this month that could be useful!). Big Box customers will receive two other products. Enjoy!