Dolly Llama and Al Paca's home

Learn more about where these llamas live!


Northern Chile

Our llamas in "Flowers for Mama Llama", Dolly Llama, and Al Paca all live outside the village of Parinacota in Northern Chile. Parinacota is part of Lauca National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site that is home to many llamas and their relatives, as well as flamingos. It lies in the northwest corner of Chile, on the border between Chile, Colombia, and Peru. 

Although Lauca National Park is some 14,000 feet above sea level, it is only 81 miles away from the coast! Imagine what a steep journey that must be!

Being so high above sea level, you would think that there are few things that grow at this altitude. But there is still life here: trees, cacti, flowers. People are still able to farm, too! 

Speaking of people, there are several villages in Lauca National Park and its surrounding regions. There is Parinacota, as you know from the storybook, and there is also the nearby village of Putre. If you travel to this region, you will most likely stay in Putre!

Parinacota has a population of 29 people (and many llamas!). It is most famous for its 17th century church. Below are a few photos of the village.

Outside the village, you will find many llamas!

The park is also home to many wild llamas, also known as vicuñas! 

Lauca National Park is also home to several natural wonders, such as the Salar de Surire (Surire Salt Lake), the Parinacota and Pomerape volcanos, and Lake Chungara, where our llamas traveled to in the storybook. You can see Lake Chungara and the Parinacota volcano in the photo below.

You can also find flamingos at Lake Chungara! (There are also many of them at Salar de Surire.)

We hope you enjoyed this journey with us, and we hope you enjoy your box this month!

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