June 2020 box insert


To our Rad Dads and their loved ones,

Happy Father’s Day! We hope you’re enjoying this day with your children, relaxing, and allowing your family to celebrate you in all of your Rad Dad glory!

We apologize for having to do another online insert, but our print shop unfortunately remains closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In this month’s box, we’ve included products that we hope will make your Father’s Day sweet (pun intended), and will give you more ideas on playing and bonding with your baby!

If you’ve been a subscriber for any amount of time, you’ll know that we normally alternate children’s books based on gender: some months, we have father/daughter books, other months father/son, and other months are gender-neutral. This month, however, we decided to include a book that matches the gender of your child (we also included gender-neutral options for those of you who don’t yet know or are waiting for your child to decide on their gender). 

When you open your box, you will also see a hand puppet! We had four variations this month: Bear, Kasper Clown, Girl, and Cat. Puppets can be used from day one and have a long shelf life as a toy. In the beginning, it’ll be you who will be wearing the puppet on your hand, making up stories, moving the puppet from side to side and up and down to improve baby’s visual tracking skills, but as your baby grows older, he/she will be the one who will want to play with the puppet. The puppets’ different elements will also help exercise baby’s tactile skills and develop their brain. Puppets are also great for imaginative play, which helps language skills and creative thinking. Also, for those of you with two children, this is also a great way for your kids to bond as well! (Although, we know the focus is on you, dad.)

You also can’t not have a Dad-themed item for Father’s Day, which is why we’ve included this Rad Dad drinking glass. Although its size may make it more well-suited for whiskey or another hard beverage, it can still be used for juice, water, soda (there’s a reason why those mini-Coke cans are so popular, after all), or another drink of your choice. Bottoms up!

Along that line, we’ve also included a blueberry syrup from Royal Rose Syrups, based in Newcastle, Maine. This blueberry syrup can be used to flavor water, or can go on top of ice cream, pancakes, you name it! Sweeten your every day staples with it and enjoy!

Deluxe box customers will also receive an additional treat, two Earl Grey shortbread cookies from Café Warshafsky in Richmond, Virginia, as well as a penguin toy from Plan Toys. Depending on your baby’s age, you’ll have received either a penguin wobbly toy or a penguin sailboat. Both are great for Dad-baby bonding!

Thanks to all of you for your support of our business. We couldn’t do this without you, and we are thrilled to be a part of your Father’s Day celebrations this year. Happy Father’s Day!

Your friends at the Rad Dad Box (Michelle, Mitya, Iris & Gabriel (the Rad Dad kids), Sara, and the Pomerenke family)